Consent Status Jan 2018

Status of Red and Orange Category under Water(Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 and Air(Prevention and Control of Pollution)Act, 1981 for the month Jan-March 2018

 Note:- For latest status, you are requested to follow the link , as JKSPCB has swiched over to On-Line Consent Management and Monitroing Sysytem.



S.No. Name of unit with Address Line of Activity District Category Click below to view Consent Click below to view Authorization Click below to view Notice Date
578 Hotel Rewa Ladakh, at Shenam, Leh (Ladakh)
Hotel with  34 Rooms and Restaurant with 100 seats
Leh Orange Consent No. 579 of 2018      03/03/2018
577 M/s Sharp Constructtion  Company, Lasjan, Budgam, Kashmir
Hot/wet  Mix Plant
Budgam Orange Consent No. 578 of 2018
576 Raz Chemicals, Nalusa Village Uri District, Baramulla
Extraction of Gypsum (mining Lease)
Baramulla Red Consent No. 577 of 2018     16/02/2018
575 Kashmir Health Care System, IGC Lassipora, Pulwama, Kashmir
Common Bio-Medical Waste Treatment and Disposal Facility (CBMWTF)
Pulwama Red Consent No. 576 of 2018
574 Hotel Kuzey Resort, Kuzey Chuchot Yokma Leh (Ladakh)
Hotel with 17 Rooms Leh Green Consent No. 574 of 2018     25/01/2018
573 Hotel Nimalung Residency, at Fort Road , Leh (Ladakh)
Hotel with 17 Rooms Leh Green Consent No. 573 of 2018     25/01/2018
572 Hotel Royal Holiday, Changspa, Leh (Ladakh)
Hotel with 15 Rooms Leh Green Consent No. 572 of 2018
571 Pakal Dul Hydro Electric Project, Chenab Valley Power Project Ltd. (CVPP), Kishtwar (J&K)
Hydro Electric Project on River Marusundar
Kishtwar Red Consent No. 571 of 2018
570 H.K. Cement Industries Pvt. Ltd., Zantrag Khrew, Pulwama
Mfg. of Portland Cement
Pulwama Red Consent No. 570 of 2018



569 Hotel Ladakh Palace, Yourtung Leh (Ladakh)
Hotel with 19 Rooms Leh Green Consent No. 569 of 2018     15/01/2018
568 Hotel Dolphin International, At Karzu, Leh (Ladakh)
Hotel with 14 Rooms and Restaurant with 36 seats Leh Green Consent No. 568 of 2018     15/01/2018
567 Hotel Lasermo, At Old Road  Leh
Hotel with 34 Rooms
Leh Orange Consent No. 567 of 2018     15/01/2018
566 The Lehchen Boutique Hotel, at 
Shenam, Leh
Hotel with 17 Rooms and Restaurant with 30 seats Leh Green Consent No. 566 of 2018     15/01/2018
565 Hotel Vajara, at old Road Shenam, Leh

Hotel with 19 Rooms 
Leh Orange Consent No. 565 of 2018     15/01/2018
564 Hotel Sia Residency, at Skara Leh (Ladakh)
Hotel with 29 Rooms and Restaurant with 30 sets
Leh Orange Consent No. 564 of 2018     15/01/2018
563 Hotel Hamago, at upper Tukcha,
Leh (Ladakh)
Hotel with 15 Rooms Leh Green Consent No. 563 of 2018     15/01/2018