Consent-Status July-2016


Status of Red and Orange Category under Water(Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 and Air(Prevention and Control of Pollution)Act, 1981 for the Month July 2016




S.No. Name of unit with Address Line of Activity District Category Click below to view Consent Click below to view Authorization Click below to view Notice Date
664 Shaheen Agro Fresh Pvt. Ltd. IGC Lassipora, Pulwama
Processing, sorting, grading and packing of Fruits
Pulwama Orange Consent No. 468 of 2016
663 Rama Metals, Plot No. 5-A, Ph-2, IID Centre, Govindsar, Kathua
  Kathua       30/07/2016  
662 Shree Swastik Packaging Industries, Sarore, Samba
  Samba       30/07/2016  
661 Uniforce Metals, Plot No. 5-B, Ph-2, IID Centre, Govindsar, Kathua
  Kathua       30/07/2016  
660 Super Kashmir Paints, IGC Lassipora, Pulwama
Mfg. of Diff Paints, Cement paints, Distempers, Primers, Dry color, Turpentine Oil
Pulwama Red Consent No. 467 of 2016     30/07/2016
659 Ishrat Jams & Pickles, check Raithan Khanshaib, Budgam
Mfg. of Jams & Pickles
Budgam Orange Consent No. 466 of 2016     30/07/2016
658 Sindh Wood Industries, Batpora, Hazratbal, Srinagar
Finished Timbers, Petties (apple boxes)
Srinagar Orange Consent No. 465 of 2016     30/07/2016
657 Jai Dev Stone Crusher, Vill Kharian Akhnoor, Jammu
Stone aggregates Jammu Orange Consent No. 464 of 2016
656 Hotel White Yak, Shenam Fort Road, Leh
Hotel with 15 Rooms
Leh Orange Consent No. 463 of 2016     07/07/2016
655 Jameel Chouhan Service Station, Sarore Adda Bari Brahmana, Samba
Servicing of Vehicles
Samba Orange Consent No. 462 of 2016     07/07/2016
654 Om Metal Shaper Industries, Kartholi, Near Railway Station, Bari Brahmana, Samba
Mfg. of Steel door/ window profile, U-profiles and shutter Brackets
Samba Orange Consent No. 461 of 2016     07/07/2016
653 Orbit Metal Industries, 79 SICOP Industrial Complex Birpur BB, Samba
Mfg. of Copper Wire Drawing
Samba Orange Consent No. 460 of 2016     07/07/2016
652 Bharat Wire Mesh Pvt. Ltd., Phase -I, IGC Samba
Mfg. of Iron/MS/HB Wire (all dia) & Wire mesh, weld mesh, mesh plate, mesh sheets and mesh panels
Samba Orange Consent No. 459 of 2016
651 Angotra Furniture House, Main Chowk Barnai, Jammu
Mfg. of Wooden & Steel furniture:
Jammu Orange Consent No. 458 of 2016     07/07/2016
650 Saga Industries, Opp. Industrial Estate Digiana, Jammu
Mfg./fabrication of Steel furniture, Almirahs stainless steel /Al Furniture, Chairs, Partition, Light gauge structures, pre fabricated shelters and wooden furniture by hand tools only
Jammu Orange Consent No. 457 of 2016     07/07/2016
649 Trikuta ICE Factory, National Highway, Udhampur
Mfg. of ICE Candy
Udhampur Orange Consent No. 456 of 2016     07/07/2016
648 Gulati Metal & Alloys, SIDCO Industrial Complex, BB, Samba
Mfg. of Al Wire rod/ Al conductor (AAC/ ACSR), Ariel Bunch Conductor/Bare Al Wire /PVC/ XLPE insulated, Armored/un-Armored Al Lt Cable, All Al Alloyed Conductors, PVC/XLPE insulated Armored/ un-Armored cu LT Cable
Samba Red Consent No. 455 of 2016     07/07/2016
647 Ganpati Industries, Railway Road Govindsar, Kathua
Mfg. of Water proof Cem/Dry Wall Putty, Acrylic Wall putty/ Wooden Primer...... Pasting Gum
Kathua Orange Consent No. 454 of 2016     07/07/2016
646 Shree Ganesh Industries, Opp. SICOP Industrial Area, Kathua
Mfg. White/Red/ Yellow Powder, dry distemper, Water Proof Cem, Wall Putty
Kathua Orange Consent No. 453 of 2016     07/07/2016
645 Partap Electrical SICOP Industrial Area, Kathua
Mfg. of Assembling of DG Sets, Canopy, Alternators
Kathua Orange Consent No. 452 of 2016     07/07/2016
644 Jammu & Kashmir Bone Mills, Industrial Extn, Area, Kathua
Mfg. of Crushed Bone, Bone Meal, Bone Sinews, Horn Hoofs, Bone Grease(Tallow)
Kathua Red Consent No. 451 of 2016     07/07/2016
643 V.M. Timber  Industries, SICOP Industrial Area, Kathua
Mfg. of OPC/PPC Cement( Through Clinker Grinding)
Kathua Orange Consent No. 450 of 2016     07/07/2016
642 J&K Cement Copporation, 37 Industrial Extension Area, Kathua
Mfg. of Cement (OPC/PPC)
Kathua Red Consent No. 449 of 2016
641 Peaks Auto Pvt. Ltd.,Ind. Estate Gangyal, Jammu
  Jammu       02/07/2016  
640 Shiv Shanti Brick Kiln, Barolla Jib Udhampur   Udhampur       02/07/2016  
639 Anil Guest House, W.No. 2 Tea Gardan, New Bus Stand Katra, Reasi
  Reasi       02/07/2016  
638 Janta Fruit Ice Cream (Uint-II), Plot No. 113 A, Ph-II, Industrial Estate, Gangyal, Jammu
  Jammu       02/07/2016  
637 J.N. Steel Rolling Mill Kartholi, BB, Samba
  Samba       02/07/2016  
636 Baba Peer Crusher, Maggar Khad, Kathua
  Kathua       02/07/2016  
635 Shree Ram Stone Crusher, Vill Gandyal, Kathua
  Kathua       02/07/2016  
634 Shree Sai Stone Crusher Vill Gandyal, Kathua
  Kathua       02/07/2016  
633 Shree Ram Stone Crusher, Sahar Khad, Kathua
  Kathua       02/07/2016  
632 Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Bulk Storage Depot, Khurbathang Kargil
Bulk Storage of Petroleum Products, Motor Spirit (MS) , High speed Diesel(HSD), Superior Kerosene Oil(SKO)
Kargil Red Consent No. 448 of 2016 Auth(haz) No. 89 of 2016   02/07/2016
631 Chib Steel Fabrication, Dhak Paloura, Jammu
Mfg./ fabrication of Steel Almirah, Steel gate grill railing, Steel door window frames, Shutter, Racks, Stell Furniture
Jammu Orange Consent No. 447 of 2016     02/07/2016
630 Jamkash Vehiclcades(P) Ltd., Gagian Morh R.S. Pura, Jammu
Servicing of Maruti Vehicles
Jammu Orange Consent No. 446 of 2016     02/07/2016
629 Ratna Hotel, Upper Karzoo Leh
Hotel with 17 Rooms Leh Orange Consent No. 445 of 2016
628 Nexus Steel Engineers, Ph-II, Lane No. 2,
SIDCO Industrial Complex, BB, Samba
Steel Tabular Poles, Steel Trusses, Steel Door/Windows/ Gate/ Grills, Steel columns /prefabricated huts / Steel Structure Shutter
Samba Orange Consent No. 444 of 2016     02/07/2016
627 Ratna Hotel Ladakh, Chuchot Yokma Leh, Ladakh
Hotel with 16 Rooms
Leh Orange Consent No. 443 of 2016     02/07/2016
626 K.C. Mectech, IID Centre Battal Ballian, Udhampur
Mfg. of Steel furniture, shuttering plates, prefabricated hut, Shelters, Structures, Angle Iron Post, Picket of 10 kg wt., steel almirah, Steel Rails, Steel/Aluminum door window frames
Udhampur Orange Consent No. 442 of 2016     02/07/2016
625 Kamakhya Oil Company, Lane 3, SIDCO Industrial Complex, BB, Samba
Extraction of Sandal Wood Oil Samba Orange Consent No. 441 of 2016     02/07/2016
624 Trehan Automotives Pvt. Ltd., NH-I A Bye Pass Road Sidhra, Jammu
Servicing/washing of  vehicles( HONDA) make
Jammu Orange Consent No. 440 of 2016 Auth(haz) No. 88 of 2016   02/07/2016
623 Kohinoor Reclamations,
SIDCO Industrial Estate, Kathua
Reclaim Rubber  Rubber Compound, Iron/Steel scrap (by product) Kathua Red Consent No. 439 of 2016 Auth(Haz) No. 86 of 2016   02/07/2016
622 Eastman Reclamations, SIDCO Industrial Estate, Kathua
Reclaim Rubber/Butyl Reclaim Rubber, Rubber Compound, Iron/Steel scrap (by product)
Kathua Red Consent No. 438 of 2016 Auth(haz) No. 87 of 2016   02/07/2016
621 AL-Amin Packaging Industries, IGC Lassipora, Pulwama
Flexo graphic Printing on bio-degradable HM HDPE, LD, LLDPE, BOPP, Polyeser, Polypropylene, Foam sheets, Paper, Aluminum foils
Pulwama Orange Consent No. 437 of 2016     02/07/2016
620 Associated Builders (Hot mix Plant), Pohrupeth, Kupwara
Bituminized Concrete (Wet Mixing)
Kupwara Orange Consent No. 436 of 2016
 619 Ind-Swift  Laboratories Ltd. Ph-I, IGC Samba
Mfg. of Azithromycin, Roxithromycin, Nitazoxanide, Atorvastatin, Clopidogrel, Fexofenadine HCL, Gatifloxacin, Levofloxacin, Moxifloxacin, Ofloxacin, Ezetimible, Pentazocine, Rebeprazole, sodium, Glimepride, Methylcobalamine, Ivabradine
Samba Red Consent No. 435 of 2016 Auth(haz) No. 85 of 2016   02/07/2016
 618 Insecticides (India ), Ltd, IID Centre Battal Ballian, Udhampur
Formulation of Insecticides/ Fungicides / pesticides / herbicides /weedicides in : Liquid , Granules powder form
Udhampur Orange Consent No. 434 of 2016 Auth(haz) No. 84 of 2016   02/07/2016
 617 New Minaz Constructions (Hot & Wet Mixing Plant), Khadermoh Pulwama
Bitumen Concrete, Hot and wet
Pulwama Orange Consent No. 433 of 2016     02/07/2016
 616 KDS Ripening Chamber, IGC Lassipora, Pulwama
Ripening of Bananas
Pulwama Orange Consent No. 432 of 2016     02/07/2016
 615 Pinacle Resorts Pvt. Ltd., Gulmarg Baramulla
Hotel with 85 Rooms with Restaurant with 60 Seats Baramulla Orange Consent No. 431 of 2016     02/07/2016
 614 Satyam Cements, Vill Rakh Jalphar Near IID Centre, Kathua
Mfg. of PPC Cement
Kathua Red Consent No. 430 of 2016     02/07/2016
 613 Farm Fresh Milk, SIDCO Industrial Complex, Bari Brahmana, Samba
Pasteurized Milk, Ghee, Fresh Cheese, Curd, Dairy Whitener Milk
Samba Red Consent No. 429 of 2016     02/07/2016
 612 High Tech Developers (Hot & wet Mixing Plant) Nipora, Anantnag
Tar Macadam, Pre Mixing, wet Mixing
Anantnag Orange Consent No. 428 of 2016     02/07/2016
 611 MMS Industries, I/E Khonmoh Ph-III, Srinagar
Automobile Batteries, Extraction of lead out of old batteries
Srinagar Orange Consent No. 427 of 2016     02/07/2016
 610 Rose Petal, 56, Raj Bagh, Srinagar
Hotel with 40 Rooms with Restaurant with 35 Seats Srinagar Orange Consent No. 426 of 2016