Focus Area

Focus Area

Awareness on Eco-friendly idol immersion in Rivers

In the 2nd meeting of the Consultative Committee of Members of Parliament, held on 04/08/2017, one of the suggestion  given was to create awareness for Eco-friendly idol immersion in rivers, which needs to be spread amongst the general public.

Following are the steps for  eco-friendly idol immersion.

1. Use clay for idol making.

2. Use natural colours for decoration.

3. Use natural colors for rangoli,  like  henna, turmeric and rice powder.

4. Don't use thermocol or plastic. Use cloth, paper, wood and other organic material.

5. Buy religious idols made of biodegradable material.

6. Use artificial immersion tank for immersion of idols and thereafter disperse the water in a safe area and not in a water body.