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JK-PCB was constituted by Jammu & Kashmir Govt. in 1986 as per the provisions of water(Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1974, and the Air(Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1981. Later, on 22nd Sept. 1988, provisions of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 were also entrusted to the Board for implementation. In order to implement the PC laws effectively in  J&K, the Board commenced its activities in 1986 with a meagre staff and in 1996, two Regional offices in Srinagar & Jammu were added. Today, the Board has its offices in all the districts of the J&K.


Infrastructure: The Board has one Central office & two full-fledged Regional office at Srinagar & Jammu. To widen its base & reach all areas of the J&K, the Board in 1999 established offices in all the districts of the J&K. The Board with the intent of strengthen its infrastructure, has constructed spacious & well designed premises for its Regional office, with Laboratory at Jammu.The construction of Regional office and Laboratory, has been taken up in Srinagar.

Laboratories: The Board has two Regional laboratories at Srinagar & Jammu. Additional equipments & facilities were acquired, to strength Regional laboratories. A mobile laboratory has been acquired with sophisticated equipment for analysis of water, wastewater and air quality.In addition, the Regional offices are provided with adequate monitoring equipments for monitoring of water quality, air quality including noise and stack emissions.

Computerisation: As part of its computerisation plans, the Board is equipping its Regional offices with necessary computer facilities. A Data Bank (Inventory of Industries) is being created with details on industries of every district, covered under various PC laws. Some districts has already finalised the same while some are updating their inventory. The Website of the Board is launched to enable the public to have access to information pertaining to the Board & its activities.

Monitoring & Enforcement: Industries have been classified as RedOrange & Green , based on their pollution potential. Previously all the industries were required to renew consents every year. This has now been reduced to once in 5 years for red category, 8 years for Orange Category and 12 years for Green category.  For effective monitoring, each Regional office has seperate cells for BMW, MSW, Complaints, water quality monitoring, Air monitoring, Inventionization, Noise monitoring, DG sets.

Resources: The main resources of the Board is grants from JK Govt. In addition, the Board collects consent fee from the industries.

Human Resource Development: In 1996, additional manpower based on the actual responsibilities was estimated & sanction obtained from the Govt. to increase staff strength.The working staff strength of the Board rose in 2000 & 2001.In order to improve the work efficiency & skill of the Board offices, they are regularily deputed to training programmes.

Public Awareness:100 Eco-clubs under National Green Corps Programme , have been established in each district of the state. Wide ranging Awareness Programme to educate the public, are being conducted regularily.

Additional Initiatives: Zoning Atlas for Srinagar district, for identification of suitable sites for establishing industries based on environmental considerations, has been completed. Zoning Atlas for Jammu district, is nearing completion.*Work of Zoning Atlas for Anantnag, Pulwama & Kathua districts, is being taken up.

Future Plans:

To complete the ongoing infrastructure developmental activities, including the office-cum-Lab of Srinagar.

To provide infrastructure with all facilities to all offices & laboratories of the Board.

To complete Zoning Atlas for remaining distrists of the state.

To frame Eco-city concept for Srinagar & Jammu cities.

To establish permanent ambient air quality monitoring stations.

Upgradation of library facilities.

Enforcement of cleaner technologies(recover, recycle, & reuse concept).