Consent Status June-2016


Status of Red and Orange Category under Water(Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 and Air(Prevention and Control of Pollution)Act, 1981 for the Month June 2016




S.No. Name of unit with Address Line of Activity District Category Click below to view Consent Click below to view Authorization Click below to view Notice Date
609 Darrick Insecticides Ltd. Plot No. 56-67 IID Centre Govindsar, Kathua
Formulation of Micronutrients, BioZymes, Water soluble NPK Fertilizers and Emulsifiers in Liquid , Powder& Granules Form, formulation of pesticides viz: Fungicides Insecticides and Weedicides in Liquid , Powder& Granules Form Kathua Orange Consent No. 425 of 2016 Auth(Haz) No. 83 of 2016   30/6/2016
608 Indogulf Cropsciences Ltd., Ph-I, IGC Samba
Pesticides Formultaion of :- liquid /Emulsified Concentrates, Granules, Powder
Samba Orange Consent No. 424 of 2016 Auth(Haz) No. 82 of 2016   30/6/2016
607 Jammu Paper Pvt. Ltd. SIDCO Industrial Complex
Bari Brahmana, Samba
Duplex board, low weight duplex board, writing& printing paper, Kraft Paper, Semi craft Paper, Media aper, Wrapping Papaer and Lamination board.
Samba Red Consent No. 423 of 2016     30/6/2016
606 Shanker Industries, Patti Morh Near Tarore Bridge NH Samba
Mfg. of Cement
Samba Red Consent No. 422 of 2016     30/6/2016
605 Godrej Consumer Products Ltd., Chak Partap Singh Hatli Morh, Kathua
Mosquito Coils
Kathua Orange Consent No. 421 of 2016 Auth(Haz) No. 81 of 2016   30/6/2016
604 Everest Stone Crusher, Vill Changra Pashkum Kargil
Crushing of Stones
Kargil Orange Consent No. 420 of 2016     30/6/2016
603 Nunam Stone Crusher, Vill Spituk Pharka Leh.
Crushing of Stones
Leh Orange Consent No. 419 of 2016     30/6/2016
602 Uflex Ltd.(Unit III), Lane No. 3, Ph-I SIDCO Industrial Complex Bari Brahmana, Samba Holograms Printed /unprinted / metalised / un-metalised / Embossed / un-Embossed Multilayer Plastic Film/ coated Paper in Roll form or Sheet Form), Retogravure Printing, Cylinders / Engravure Printing Cylinders, Printing Ink, Adhesives, Nickel Shims
Samba Red Consent No. 418 of 2016 Auth(Haz) no. 80 of 2016   30/6/2016
601 Uflex Ltd.(Unit I), Lane No. 3, SIDCO Industrial Complex Bari Brahmana, Samba
printed/unprinted /Multilayer laminated / Metalised /un-metalised / Embossed /un embossed / plastic Film Roll form /Sheet form / Pouch form / Printed / unprinted / Metalised / unmatalised / embossed / unembossed coated paper / paper aluminum Foil laminate in roll form, pouch form and sheet form
Samba Red Consent No. 417 of 2016     30/6/2016
600 Ulitimate Flexipack Ltd., Lane No.2, Ph-I SIDCO Industrial Complex Bari Brahmana, Samba Multilayer Co-Extruded Plastic Films, Co extruded Plastic Zipper, Diapharam Laminated Embossed /unembossed plastic strip, printed /unprinted plastic pouches
Samba Red Consent No. 416 of 2016 Auth(Haz) No. 79 of 2016   30/6/2016
599 Bhawan Automobile Service Station, Kalakote, Rajouri
Servicing /Repairing of light motor vehicles
Rajouri Orange Consent No. 415 of 2016     30/6/2016
598 Laxmi Stone Crusher, Vill Lambehri Nowshera Rajouri
Bajri & stone Dust
Rajouri Orange Consent No. 414 of 2016     30/6/2016
597 Sethi Stone Crusher,  Vill Siot Rajouri
Stone aggregates
Rajouri Orange Consent No. 413 of 2016     30/6/2016
596 Insecticides (India) Ltd., Ph-I, IGC Samba
Formulation of Insecticides / Herbicides/ Fungicides/ Weedicides/ pesticides in: Liquid  Powder &  Granules form
Samba Orange Consent No. 412 of 2016 Auth(Haz) No. 78 of 2016   30/6/2016
595 Agrico Organics Ltd., IId Centre Battal Ballian Udhampur
Formulation of Pesticides/ Insecticides / Herbicides, Fungicides, Weedicides, Plant Growth Regulators and Bio pesticides in: Liquid  Powder &  Granules Udhampur Orange

Consent No. 411 of 2016


Auth(Haz) No. 77 of 2016   30/6/2016
594 A.B. Chem (India), Ph-I, IGC Samba
Formulation of Pesticides/ Insecticides / Herbicides in: Liquid Form, Powder Form  Granules
Samba Orange Consent No. 410 of 2016 Auth(Haz) No. 76 of 2016   30/6/2016
593 Abdul  Salam Mir (Hot & wet Mixing Plant) Rakh-Shalina, Lasjan, Budgam
Bituminized Concrete (Wet Mixing)
Budgam Orange Consent No. 409 of 2016     30/6/2016
592 Ravenbhel Health Care Pvt. Ltd., 16-17 EPIP SIDCO Kartholi Bari Brahmana, Samba
Pharmaceutical Formulation of Tablets, Syrup (Oral, Liquid), Capsule, Sachet
Samba Orange Consent No. 408 of 2016 Auth(Haz) No. 75 of 2016
591 Agrico Chemicals, Ph-I, IGc Samba
Formulation of pesticides/insecticides in liquid , powder and granules form Samba Orange Consent No. 407 of 2016 Auth(Haz) No. 74 of 2016   30/6/2016
590 Ram Lal & Sons (Hot wet  Mix Plant) Vill Kanah Ramnagar, Udhampur
Bituminous Mix and Wet Macadam Udhampur Orange Consent No. 406 of 2016     30/6/2016
589 Hotel Hayaat, Malipeth, Kishtwar
Hotel with 44 Rooms, Restaurant
Kishtwar Orange Consent No. 405 of 2016     30/6/2016
588 Blue Star Ltd., Ph-III, IGC Samba
Mfg. of Air Conditioners, Deep freezers, Water Cooler, Water purifier
Samba Orange Consent No. 404 of 2016     30/6/2016
587 Vasudev Constructions , Taraf Tajwal, Kathua Crushing of stones (Bajri & Sand)
Kathua Orange Consent No. 403 of 2016
586 Dilkash Stone Crusher, Vill Jawbahara, Awantipora, Pulwama
Crushing of Stone
Pulwama Orange Consent No. 402 of 2016     30/6/2016
585 Krishna Brick and Tile Industry Kattal Brahmana Hiranagar, Kathua
  Kathua       29/6/2016  
584 Rawi Stone Crusher LLP, Vill Dhanna Teh & District Kathua
Stone Crusher material (Sand, Bajri, course sand), Hot Mix Material, Cement bricks/Blocks/Pavers/Tiles
Kathua Orange Consent No. 401 of 2016
583 Oriental Stone Crusher, Vill Beli Charana, Jammu
Crushing of Stones
Jammu Orange Consent No. 400 of 2016     29/6/2016
582 Indereshwar Hotel, Bar & Restaurant, R.S. Pura, Jammu
Hotel with 25 Rooms, Restaurant with 28  seats Jammu Orange Consent No. 399 of 2016     29/6/2016
581 17 Miles Hotel & Restaurant, 17 Mile Stone Nh-I Salmeri, Samba
Mfg. of Double bed room with attached bathrooms=24 Nos., Suite 4 bedded with
attached bathrooms=08 Nos., Restaurant at ground floor capacity,
Restaurant at Ist floor capacity, Kitty Party hall at 2nd floor capacity, Bar capacity, Banquet Hall Copper Tone at lower ground floor, Banquet Hall Brass Root at ground floor
Samba Orange Consent No. 398 of 2016     29/6/2016
580 Jakson Ltd, DTA, 5A to 10A IID Centre Govindsar, Kathua
Mfg. of Diesel Generating Sewts/ Gas Generating Sets
Kathua Red Consent No. 397 of 2016 Auth(Haz)  No. 73 of 2016
579 Diamond Stone Crusher, Vill Saranoo, Rajouri
Crushing of Stones
Rajouri Orange Consent No. 396 of 2016     29/6/2016
578 Saboo Resort, Saboo Village Leh
Hotel with 15 Rooms Leh Orange Consent No. 395 of 2016     29/6/2016
577 Lupin Ltd. EPIP Kartholi
SIDCO Industrial Complex Bari Brahmana, Samba
Incinerator to incinerate Hazardous Waste
Samba Red Consent No. 394 of 2016     29/6/2016
576 Samrat Ferro Alloys Pvt. Ltd., SIDCO Industrial Complex Bari Brahmana, Samba Mfg. Black Steel Pipes /Tubes /Rejectedc black steel pipes Tubes, Galvanized Steel Pipes / Tubes / Rejected Galvanized Steel /Tubes Pipes, Zinc Droose, Zinc Ash, Zinc Cyclone
Samba Red Consent No. 393 of 2016 Auth(Haz) No. 72 of 2016
575 Global Metaltech,
IID Centre Battal Ballian, Udhampur
Mfg. of  Shutting Plates, prefabricated huts/ Shelters / Structures, Angle Iron Post of appx Wt. 6 MT, Pickets of Appx Wt. 10kg after wastage, Steel / Al / PVC door & window frames
Udhampur Orange Consent No. 392 of 2016     29/6/2016
574 National Cables (India), Unit II, SIDCO Industrial Complex Bari Brahmana, Samba
Mfg. of steel Tubular Poles, distribution transformers, CT/PT transformers, AAC/SCSR conductors,  Ariel bunch cables, Al PVC / XLPE cables ( Armoured & Unarmoured), Copper PVC/ XLPLE cables
Samba Orange Consent No. 391 of 2016     29/6/2016
573 Continental Transformers, Vill Kainthpur, Salmeri Jakh, Samba
Mfg. of Distribution & Power Transformers, Transformer Tanks
Samba Orange Consent No. 390 of 2016     29/6/2016
572 Krishna Milk Industry, Vill Sangrampur Marh Block, Jammu
Mfg. of Skimmed pasteurized Milk, Cream, Ghee, Curd, Paneer, Flavored milk, Lassi, Matta, White Butter
Jammu Orange Consent No. 389 of 2016     29/6/2016
571 Santushti Industries, IID Centre Battal Ballian, Udhampur
Mfg. of Barbed Wire
Udhampur Orange Consent No. 388 of 2016     29/6/2016
570 Hotel Heevan Phalgam, Anantnag
Hotel with 45 Rooms, Restaurant with 50  seats, Anantnag Orange Consent No. 387 of 2016     29/6/2016
569 Hotel Heevan Resorts, Ishber Nishat, Srinagar
Hotel with 37 Rooms, Restaurant with 35 seats, Srinagar Orange Consent No. 386 of 2016     29/6/2016
568 Hanjoora Oil & Chemicals, Hanjoora Chadoora, Budgam
Mfg. of Disinfectants / Phenyl / House hold cleaners and fast cement setting construction compounds
Budgam Orange Consent No. 385 of 2016     29/6/2016
567 Royal Constructions (Hot Mixing Plant), Lasjan, Budgam
Bitumen Concrete Budgam Orange Consent No. 384 of 2016     29/6/2016
566 Best Crop Science, Plot No. 29-32 IID Centre Govindsar, Kathua
Formulation of Pesticides, Plant Growth Regulators, Bio-Pesticides and Bio Fertilizers (in Liquid, Power, Granule forms), Formulation of Emulsifiers-Micronutrients (Biozymes/water soluble NPK Fertilizers
Kathua Orange Consent No. 383 of 2016     29/6/2016
565 Paramount Constructions (Hot Mixing Plant), Shanoo, Langate, Kupwara, Kashmir (J&K)
Bitumen Concrete Kupwara Orange Consent No. 382 of 2016     29/6/2016
564 M.B. Road Construction Company (Hot Mixing Plant), Summerbugh Rakshalina , Budgam
Macdamization of Roads
Budgam Orange Consent No. 381 of 2016     29/6/2016
563 Mark Esel, Ph-I, IGC, Samba
Bathroom Fitting(Valve only)- Bell cocks, Nozzles-Tapes, showers and CP Fittings
Samba Red Consent No. 380 of 2016
Auth(Haz) No. 70 of 2016
562 Megha Industries, Chak Partap Singh Hatli Morh, Kathua
Fabrication of Folding Beds, Coolers stands, Stainless Steel gate and railings, Conveyors
Kathua Orange Consent No. 379 of 2016     28/6/2016
561 S.R. Constructions, Surfraw Kangan, Ganderbal
Stone aggregates
Ganderbal Orange Consent No. 378 of 2016     28/6/2016
560 Suru Valley Roller Flour Mills, Khumbathang, Kargil
Mfg. Atta, Maida, Suji and Wheat Bran
Kargil Green Consent No. 377 of 2016     28/6/2016
559 Hotel Palam Hills, Shenam Fort Road Leh
Hotel with 15 Rooms
Leh Orange Consent No. 376 of 2016     28/6/2016
558 Dabur India Ltd.(Unit V), Ph-III, IGC Samba
Mfg. of Glucose, Amla Hair Oil, Jasmine / Sarson Hair Oil, Meswak Tooth Paste, Janam Ghunti, Shilajit, Kertax oil, Vatika Hair Oil, Keraton Oil, Red Tooth Paste, Hajmola Tablets, Odomos Cream, Odonil Gel (Air freshener gel)AFG, Gulabari Zaika
Samba Orange Consent No. 375 of 2016     28/6/2016
557 The Grand Jehlum, Zero Bridge Rajbagh, Srinagar
Hotel with 70 Rooms, Restaurant with 32 seats, Dinning Hall 1No.
Srinagar Orange Consent No. 374 of 2016     28/6/2016
556 Saraswati Agro Chemicals (India) Pvt. Ltd. Lanr No. 2 Ph-II, SIDCO Industrial Complex Bari Brahmana, Samba Liquid pesticides formulation, wettable powder formulation, granule pesticides formulation and water dispersible granules
Samba Orange Consent No. 373 of 2016 Auth(Haz) No. 69 of  2016
555 A.J. Wooden Industries, Parimpora, Srinagar
Mfg. of Ply Board, Ply Wood
Srinagar Orange Consent No. 372 of 2016
554 Mafruka Feeds, IGC Lassipora, Pulwama
Mfg. of Cattle and Poultry feed
Pulwama Orange Consent No. 371 of 2016     28/6/2016
553 Anand Polyurethanes Pvt. Ltd., Ph-III, Industrial Extn. Area, Gangyal, Jammu
  Jammu       28/6/2016  
552 Sumitra Rice Mills, Chak Aslam R.S. Pura, Jammu
  Jammu       28/6/2016  
551 Jai Shanker Brick Kiln, Gurha Jattian, Ghagwal , Samba
  Samba       27/6/2016  
550 Al Habib Brick Kiln, Chandpora, Budgam
  Budgam       27/6/2016  
549 Anwar Brick Kiln, Choon Budgam
  Budgam       27/6/2016  
548 Pawar Coir Mattressess Manufacturing Co. Ganderwan Poonch Road Akhnoor, Jammu
  Jammu       27/6/2016  
547 Sanjeev Engineering Works, Raya Morh, Samba
  Samba       27/6/2016  
546 Basanter Breweries Pvt. Ltd. Adj IGC Phase II, Vill Ramnagar, Samba
Mfg. of Bottled Beer, Canned Beer Samba Orange Consent No. 370 of 2016     27/6/2016
545 Chenab Steel Fabrication, Industrial Estate Samba
Mfg. of Steel Tubular Poles
Samba Orange Consent No. 369 of 2016     27/6/2016
544 National Industrial Copporation Ltd., Lane No. 4, Ph-I, SIDCO Industrial Complex Bari Brahmana, Samba Mfg. of IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor)
Samba Orange Consent No. 368 of 2016     27/6/2016
543 National Cables (India), SIDCO Industrial Complex Bari Brahmana, Samba
AAC/ACSR Conductrors, Distribution Transformer, Steel Tubular Poles Samba Orange Consent No. 367 of 2016     27/6/2016
542 Neera Food Products, 119 Industrial Extension Area, Ph-III, Gangyal, Jammu RTS Beverages, Juices, Sweetened & unsweetened carbonated Beverages
Jammu Orange Consent No. 366 of 2016     27/6/2016
541 Gharda Chemicals Ltd., Ph-II, IGC Samba
Liquid&Solid formulation of insecticides /pesicides
Samba Orange Consent No. 365 of 2016     27/6/2016
540 Jamwal Stone Crusher, Chowadi Khad, Jammu
  Jammu       27/6/2016  
539 Hotel Royal Hillton, Pahalgam, Anantnag
Hotel with 72 Rooms(main building) ,Hotel with 04 Rooms(another block) Restaurant with 150 seats Anantnag Orange Consent No. 364 of 2016     25/6/2016
538 Hotel Pine Spring, Glmarg Baramulla
Hotel with 26 Rooms, Restaurant with 32 seats Baramulla Orange Consent No. 363 of 2016     25/6/2016
537 Hotel Shamsul-Haq, Humhama Budgam
Hotel with 50  Rooms
Budgam Orange Consent No. 362 of 2016     25/6/2016
536 Cancellation of Consent No. 360 0f 2016 & 361 of 2016           25/6/2016  
535 Global Infracon (Hot & wet Mixing Plant), Khadermoh Pampore, Pulwama
Bitumen Concrete, wet Mix Concrete
Pulwama Orange Consent No. 359 of 2016
534 Kashmir Oriental Stone Crusher, Rakshalina Summerbugh, Budgam
  Budgam       17/6/2016  
533 Hotel Pine Spring, Gulmarg, Baramullah
  Baramullah       17/6/2016  
532 Grand Wood Land Guest House, Rawal Pora, By Pass Road, Srinagar
  Srinagar       17/6/2016  
531 Asian Ply & Laminates, I/E Khanmoh, Srinagar   Srinagar       17/6/2016  
530 Ramky Infrastructure Ltd. (Hot Mix Plant), Semthan Bijbchara, Anantnag
Bitumen Concrete Anantnag Orange Consent No. 358 of 2016     17/6/2016
529 J.K. Engineering Construction Company (Hot  Mixing Plant), Rakshalina Lasjan, Budgam
Bitumen Concrete Budgam Orange Consent No. 357 of 2016     17/6/2016

Tarmac Road & Roof Builders (Hot  Mixing Plant), Latribal Pampore, Pulwama

Bitumen Concrete Pulwama Orange Consent No. 356 of 2016     17/6/2016
527 A.M. L Contractors & Engineers(Hot Mixing Plant), Jawbara Awantipora, Pulwama
Bitumen Concrete Pulwama Orange Consent No. 355 of 2016     17/6/2016
525 Rite Road Construction Company(Hot Mixing Plant), Lasjan, Budgam
Bitumen Concrete Budgam Orange Consent No. 354 of 2016
525 Hotel Senator Pine-N-Peak, Rajwas Plateh near Golf Course, Pahalgam
  Anantnag       15/6/2016  
524 Hotel Wood Land, Rajbagh Zero Bridge, Srinagar
  Srinagar       15/6/2016  
523 Hotel Shamshul-Haq, Humhama, Budgam
  Budgam       15/6/2016  
522 Hotel Heevan Retreat, Gulmarg, Baramulla
  Baramulla       15/6/2016  
521 German Continental Guest House, M.A Link Road, Manuwarabad, Srinagar
  Srinagar       15/6/2016  
520 PBS Construction (Hot Mixing Plant), Rakshalina Budgam
Bitumen Concrete Budgam Orange Consent No. 353 of 2016     15/6/2016
519 Chinar Construction Co. (Hot Mixing Plant), Rakh Shalina Lasjan Budgam
Bitumen Concrete Budgam Orange Consent No. 352 of 2016     15/6/2016
518 Modern Hot Mix Plant, Jawbara Awantipora, Pulwama
Bitumen Concrete Pulwama Orange Consent No. 351 of 2016
517 Bilal Construction (Hot/wet Mix Plant Stone Crusher), Arwani Bijbehara, Anantnag
Hot Mix, Wet Mix, Stone aggregates
Anantnag Red Consent No. 350 of 2016     14/6/2016
516 Kashcon (Hot & Wet Mixing Plant), Rakh Shalina, Lasjan Budgam
Bitumen Concrete Budgam Orange Consent No. 349 of 2016
515 Khanday Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. (Hot/wet / batching Plant) Nipora (NH-1 A) Anantnag
Wet & Hot Mix, Batching Plant
Anantnag Orange Consent No. 348 of 2016     14/6/2016
514 Naseeb Hot Mix Plant, Khadermoh, Pulwama
Bitumen Hot Mix
Pulwama Orange Consent No. 347 of 2016
513 Modern Constructions Co. (Hot Mixing Plant), Lasjan Budgam
Bitumen concrete Budgam Orange Consent No. 346 of 2016     13/6/2016
512 Arifeen Construction (Hot Mixing Plant), Summerbugh Lasjan, Budgam
Bitumen concrete
Budgam Orange Consent No. 345 of 2016
511 National Brick Kiln, Budgam Sopora, Baramulla
  Baramulla       10/06/2016  
510 Zabarwan Brick Kiln, Vill Wahabpora, Budgam
  Budgam       10/06/2016  
509 Hotel Atul Regency, Jammu Road Katra, Reasi
  Reasi       10/06/2016  
508 Jan Brick Kiln, Vill Kadapora,
Thajiwara, Anantnag
  Anantnag       10/06/2016  
507 Khursheed Brick Kiln, Kadapora, Thajiwara, Anantnag
  Anantnag       10/06/2016  
506 Lone Brick Kiln, Natnussa, Kupwara
  Kupwara       10/06/2016  
505 Rockway Stone Crusher, Wayan Pampore, Pulwama
  Pulwama       10/06/2016  
504 Shahoora Brick Kiln, Vill Udoora, Shahoora, Pulwama
  Pulwama       10/06/2016  
503 Super Power Engineers, Ph-I, IGC Samba
  Samba       10/06/2016  
502 Thokur Brick Kiln, Vill Udoora Shahoora, Pulwama
  Pulwama       10/06/2016  
501 United Stone Crusher, Vill Zatrang, Khrew, Pulwama
  Pulwama       10/06/2016  
500 Vasudev Constructions, Taraf Tajwal, Kathua
  Kathua       10/06/2016  
499 Wani Stone Crusher, Kandimarg, Khrew, Pampore, Pulwama   Pulwama       10/06/2016  
498 Continental Agro Industries, IGC Lassipora, Pulwama
  Pulwama       10/06/2016  
497 Gulab Stone Crusher, Vill Nehalki Sarore Adda, Samba
  Samba       10/06/2016  
496 Blue Star Ltd., Ph-II, IGC, Samba
  Samba       10/06/2016  
495 Chesti Construction Stone Crusher and Hot Mix Plant, Vill Channa , Chassana, Reasi
  Reasi       10/06/2016  
Kashmir Rice Mills, IGC Lassipora, Pulwama
Processing of Paddy
Pulwama Orange Consent No. 344 of 2016     10/06/2016
493 Wani Stone Crusher, Sharia Nallah Tangmarg, Baramulla
Stone aggregates
Baramulla Orange Consent No. 343 of 2016
492 Trust House Engineering Enterprises, Phalipora Safapora, Ganderbal
Stone aggregates Ganderbal Orange Consent No. 342 of 2016     10/06/2016
491 Sultania Stone Crusher, Near Itfaq Cement Khrew, Pulwama
Stone aggregates, Stone dust Pulwama Orange Consent No. 341 of 2016     10/06/2016
490 Nice Stone Crusher, Sharia Doora Tangmarg, Baramulla
Crushed Stones
Baramulla Orange Consent No. 340 of 2016     10/06/2016
489 Bismiillah Stone Crusher, Vill Zarandwan Patigooripora, Budgam
Stone aggregates, Stone dust Budgam Orange Consent No. 339 of 2016     10/06/2016
488 Inyat Stone Crusher, Vill Lasjan Budgam Stone aggregates, Stone dust Budgam Orange Consent No. 338 of 2016     10/06/2016
487 Mantaqee Stone Crusher, Near Itfaq Cement Khrew Pulwama Stone aggregates Pulwama Orange Consent No. 337 of 2016     10/06/2016
486 Vishavkarma Stone Crusher, Vill Tapyal, Hiranagar, Samba
  Samba       06/06/2016  
485 KDS Batteries, Ph-I, IGC Samba
  Samba       06/06/2016  
484 Hotel Durga Bus Stand Katra, Reasi
  Reasi       06/06/2016  
483 Pharma Drug Mfg. Co., Industrial Estate, Digana,Jammu   Jammu       06/06/2016  
482 Hotel Mount View International, JAmmu Road, Katra, Reasi
  Reasi       04/06/2016  
481 Balwant Raj and Co Brick Kiln, Vill Chann Kana Jatwal, Samba
  Samba       04/06/2016  
480 Raizada Brick Kiln, Vill Kaink(Mawa), Samba
  Samba       04/06/2016  
479 Pargal Brick Kiln, Vill Katli, Samba   Samba       04/06/2016  
478 New Pargal Brick Kiln, Vill Katli, Samba
  Samba       04/06/2016  
477 Mahima Industries Katholi, Near Railway Station, Bari Brahaman, Samba
  Samba       04/06/2016  
476 Hotel  Shree Hari Niwas Jammu Road, Katra District, Reasi
  Reasi       04/06/2016  
475 Hotel Mount View, Jammu Road, Katra, Reasi
  Reasi       04/06/2016  
474 Sarveshwar Foods Ltd., Vill Seoara Baba Fareed Nagar Bishnah, Kunjwani Road, Jammu Rice (Polished /unpolished), Rice Bran /powder
Jammu Orange Consent No. 336 of 2016
473 Hotel Lehchen, Yourthong, Leh
  Leh       02/06/2016 02/06/2016
Kashmir Tyre Resoling Industries, Industrial Estate, Kathua
  Kathua       02/06/2016  
471 Hotel Imperial (A unit of A-One Guest House) Railway Road, Katra, Reasi
Hotel with 31 Rooms, Restaurant with 40 seats
Reasi Orange Consent No. 335 of  2016     02/06/2016
470 Sarveshwar Overseas Ltd., Ph-II, Lane 4, SIDCO Industrial Complex, Bari Brahmana, Samba
Rice/Broken rice/Discoloured rice, Rice Bran/ Powder
Samba Orange Consent No. 334 of  2016
  Laxmi Stone Crusher, Vill Katli, Samba
Crushing of Stones (Bajri & Stone dust)
Samba Orange Consent No. 333 of  2016     02/06/2016
469 Metenere Ltd., SICOP Industrial Area, Kathua
  Kathua Red Consent No. 332 of 2016
468 M.R. Brick Kiln, Vill Soungli Bishnah, Jammu
  Jammu       01/06/2016  
467 Durga Paper Mills, Rakh Jalphar, IID Centre, Kathua   Kathua       01/06/2016  
466 Mir Brick Kiln Shelipora Achabal, Anantnag
  Anantnag       01/06/2016  
465 Manzoor Bricks, Qadipora Halqa Nasrullahpora, Budgam
  Budgam       01/06/2016  
464 New Myco Nawaz Brick Kiln, Yarisutroo Khansahib, Budgam
  Budgam       01/06/2016  
463 Myco Nawaz Brick Kiln, Mulla Naroo, Khansahib, Budgam
  Budgam       01/06/2016  
462 Raja Mandilik Brick Kiln, Chak Bhalwal, Jammu
  Jammu       01/06/2016  
461 Baba Peer Stone Crusher, Magger Khad, Kathua
  Kathua       01/06/2016  
460 Khanday Stone Crusher, Nipora(Qazigund), Anantnag
Crushed aggregates Anantnag Orange Consent No. 331 of 2016