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Notices to Health Care Facilities

Notices issued by Regional Office, SPCB Jammu 

S.No. Name of Health Care Facility District Click below to view Notice Date of issuance
29 M/s Govt. Sub-District Hospital, Basohli, Kathua Kathua Notice-II  No SPCB/RDJ/PSO/BMWM/17/538/1734-37 13-06-2019
28 M/s Govt. Sub-District Hospital,Hiranagar, Kathua Kathua Notice-II  No SPCB/RDJ/PSO/BMWM/13/305/N-II/1730-32 13-06-2019
27 M/s Ultramed Health Care Shaheedi Road, Near SBI,Kishtwar Kishtwar Notice-II  No SPCB/RDJ/PSO/BMWM/19/524/1246-49  27-03-2019
26 M/s Dental Speciality Clinic & Implant Centre H.No 35, Sector 9, Trikuta Nagar, Jammu Jammu Notice-I No SPCB/RDJ/PSO/BMW/19/676/335-37 14-01-2019
25 M/s Aastha Multispeciality Hospital, Near Sunil Choudhary Chowk, Kathua Kathua Notice-II No SPCB/RDJ/PSO/537/18/273-76 09-1-2019
24 Block Medical Officer, Govt. Primary Health Centr Majalta, Udhampur. Udhampur Notice-II No SPCB/RDJ/PSO/BMWM/10/PHC /209/235-38 08-01-2019
23 M/s Medicare Pathological Diagnostic Laboratory Near Old Hospital ,Bhaderwah, Doda Doda Notice-II No SPCB/RDJ/PSO/481/231-34 08-01-2019
22 M/s Health Inn Medical Care Concierge Ward No 10, Noorabad, behind University Campus, Kishtwar. Doda Notice-II No SPCB/RDJ/PSO/BMWM/13/317/227-30 08-01-2019
21 M/s Iqra Clinical Laboratory Near SDH Banihal, Ramban Ramban Notice-II No SPCB/RDJ/PSO/BMW/17/584/223-26 08-01-2019
20 Medical  Superintendent, Govt. Sub -District Hospital Nowshera, Rajouri Rajouri Notice -II No SPCB/RDJ/PSO/BMW/11/257/219-22 08-01-2019
 19 Block Medical Officer Govt. Sher-e- Kashmir Emergency Hospital Batote, Ramban. Ramban Notice -II No SPCB/RDJ.R/NOC/23/215-18 08-01-2019
18 M/s Modern X-ray, Dessa Road,Doda Doda

Notice-II No. SPCB/RDJ/PSO/14/350/1692-95

Notice-I No SPCB/RDJ/PSO/14/350/161-63




17 Block Medical Officer, Govt. Primary Health Centre, Mankote, Poonch Poonch Notice-II No. SPCB/RDJ/BMWM/10/4669-72 28/12/2018
16 Dr. Daljit Singh Sambyal, Samba Medical Centre, Bus Stand, Samba Samba Notice-II No. SPCB/RDJ/PSO/BMW/09/100/4665-68 28/12/2018
15 Incharge Medical Officer, New Type PHC, Bari Khad, Samba Samba Notice-II No. SPCB/RDJ/BMW/18/4661-64 28/12/2018
14 Block Medical Officer, Govt. Primary Health Centre, Ukhral, Ramban Ramban Notice-II No. SPCB/RDJ/ BMW/N-II/18/4107-10 13/12/2018
13 M/s Sahib Clinical Laboratory, Near Bus Stand, Dinga Amb, Kathua Kathua Notice-II No. SPCB/RDJ/ BMWM/PSO/17/599/4103-06 13/12/2018
12 Block Medical Officer, Govt. New Type Primary Health Centre, Jodhpur, Doda Doda

Notice-II No. SPCB/RDJ/ BMW/N-II/18/4098-4102

11 M/s Ultramed Health Care, Shaheedi Road, Near SBI, Kishtwar Kishtwar Notice- I No. SPCB/PSO/BMW/17/524/3782-85 04/12/2018
10 Medical Superintendent, Govt. Sub-District Hospital, Bhaderwah, Doda Doda Final Notice-  No. SPCB/PSO/15/365/3770-73 04/12/2018
9 M/s Govt. Primary Health Centre, Changa, Gandoh, Doda Doda Notice-I No. SPCB/RDJ/BMWM/PSO/16/399/3581-83 01/12/2018
8 M/s Life Care Diagnostic & Clinical Laboratory, Near SDH Banihal, Ramban Ramban Notice-I No. SPCB/RDJ/PSO/BMW/18/N-I/3003-06 01/11/2018
7 Block Medical Officer, Govt. Primary Health Centre, Laiter, Reasi Reasi Notice-I No. 2624-27/SPCB/RDJ/PSO/BMW/18/N-I 23/10/2018
6 M/s Sudan Dental Clinic, LIC Housing Colony, Udhampur Udhampur Notice-I No. 2617-20/SPCB/RDJ/PSO/BMW/18/N-I 22/10/2018
5 M/s Chand Eye Clinic, Gurha, Bakshi Nagar, Jammu Jammu Notice-I No. 2614-16/SPCB/RDJ/PSO/BMW/18/N-I 22/10/2018
4 Block Medical Officer, Govt. Community Health Centre, Gool, Ramban Ramban Notice-II No. 2610-13/SPCB/RDJ/PSO/BMW/18/N-II 22/10/2018
3 M/s IID Runyal Health Care & Diagnostic Centre, Opp. Bus Stand, Ramban Ramban

Notice-II No. SPCB/RDJ/ PSO/17/578/1688-91

Notice-I No. 2606-09/SPCB/RDJ/PSO/BMW/18/N-I




2 M/s Janta Diagnostic Laboratory, Near Distt. Hospital, Ramban Ramban Notice-I No. 2602-05/SPCB/RDJ/PSO/BMW/18/ 22/10/2018
1 Govt. District Hospital Kishtwar Kishtwar Notice-II No. 1743-46/SPCB/RDJ/PSO/BMW/173/18/N-II 11/09/2018